Bible Sunday and the Third Grade Bible Class

Each fall, our church celebrates Bible Sunday by giving a Bible story book to our kindergarteners, an age-appropriate Bible to our third graders, and (during confirmation years) a study Bible to our Confirmands. By the third grade, students are developing the reading skills to benefit from having a Bible of their very own. Providing a Read and Share version to those in kindergarten encourages those skills as well as intentional family time.

Stacy Peterson, our Christian Education Director, leads a special third-grade Bible class for several weeks during the Sunday School hour to teach our third-graders how to use their new Bibles. This family resource begins the Sunday after Bible Sunday at 9:30AM. We request a parent, grandparent, or guardian come with their child and be present in the class as their Bible partner.

You support and form your child's growing faith more than anyone else. Bible Sunday and the opportunity for you to be their Bible partner in the following weeks are the greatest ways your church family can be of help. Make Bible Sunday a significant day; bring the whole family to church. Make a HUGE DAY out of it. I know I’m going to!!!

Feel free to contact me any time, in any way, with any questions.

-- Pastor Thom

Pastor Thom with Bibles for Bible Sunday

Bible Sunday:  Celebrating the foundation of our faith with Bibles for our children.