8-9 to Dine

The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity for all adult members to become better acquainted over a meal. This group is all inclusive: new members, long-time members, singles, couples, young and old, anyone can join.

Those who express an interest will be divided into dining groups of 8 to 9 people. One individual or couple in the group will be designated the host/hostess for the dinner. The host/hostess will contact the people in their group to arrange a date that works for everyone to dine at their home or at the church.

The host/hostess will provide the meat dish and the rest of the group will bring the potatoes, salad, and dessert.

These gatherings are organized once or twice a year. Sign up cards are made available at the church office and in the Sunday bulletin, or you may call the church office to have your name added to the list of diners. We will advertize in the Grapevine when another round of 8-9 to Dine dinners is being organized.


Questions call Marva De Boer 993-4986 or Kim Fankhauser at 202-9628