At-Home Activities & Studies

Our Christian Education Director, Stacy Peterson, has collected some activities and resources for you to use from home.


February 7: Where's the Love?
link: Here is a pre-school-age lesson about all the different "love letters" from God that show up in the Bible.
printable: coloring sheet with Bible verse
video: "Jesus Loves Me" with sign language

February 14: Love Changes EVERYTHING
video: This week's scripture on the transfiguration is explained.
link: Here is a lesson on transfiguration which includes background information for parents and review questions to use with kids afterwards.
printable: Transfiguration story activity

February 17: Ash Wednesday
object lesson: Explaining Ash Wednesday with a "Dirt Cake"
link: How to talk to your kids about Ash Wednesday
printable: coloring sheet to give yourself ashes

February 21: A Disciple's EDC
link: video of the scripture in song
link: Children's message on the scripture
link: fun activity to do with kids

February 28: Walkie-Talkie
link: lesson for this scripture
printable: word search
link: Eleven ways to teach kids to pray

March 7: Lighter Goes Longer
link: object lesson with dirty shoes
printable: coloring sheet on confession

Where's the Love?
(image of heart)

Ash Wednesday

Walking the Path
(image is dirt path through verdant trees)


MLK Jr. Day and Black History Month

link: Here is some great information for parents about teaching their children the Christian lives of the important African Americans they are learning about in school.

service project: Do a service project for your community, school, or various community helpers to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., and meet a need in our area. This might be picking up trash; doing yard work or shoveling for others; or writing thank-you cards to helping groups like the police department, the fire department, or a medical office.

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.