At-Home Activities & Studies

Our Christian Education Director, Stacy Peterson, has collected some activities and resources for you to use from home.


Here are some resources for families to use at home that go with Pastor Thom's November worship series Grateful For...

November 1: All the Faces
video: Praising God every day
link to commentary: Psalm 34 (for teens and adults)
craft: Thankful Tree. Make a thankful tree with leaves showing the pretty colors of fall and all the the ways God has porvided for you that you are thankful for. Here's an example.

November 8: All the Places
printable commentary: Analysis of Psalm 96 (for teens and adults)
printable: student worksheet for Psalm 96. This includes questions about the scripture and questions to think about how it can be used in your life.
printable: second student worksheet for Psalm 96.
Psalm 96 is about singing and dancing to praise God. Here are some videos to get the kids up, singing and dancing!
video: Psalm 96 Deep Deep Deep, a Christian dance song for children
video: Psalm 96 Every Move I Make, another dance-along song
video: Psalm 96 Power Shuffle
video: Grateful for Places Pastor Thom made this short devotional video for kids.

November 15: All the Days
The scripture for this week talks about being a part of God's family. We are a part of God's family now and forever, no matter what. We need to stick with this family even when times get tough. The scripture talks about experiencing heaven on earth
link: Here are some activities to teach kids about heaven
link to Sunday School lesson: Being in Heaven
printable: Choosing to Follow Jesus coloring sheet
video: Grateful for Days Pastor Thom talks about special days in this devotional video for children.

November 22: All the Ways
printable: Break the Code activity
printable: Bible Verse to post and memorize
video: Fun music and actions for Romans 8:38
video: Children's sermon
link: Shel Silverstein's poem Whatif can be read after Romans 8:38-39, which is a list of things Paul is worried about. The poem is a more modern list. None of these will stop God's love for you.
video: Pastor Thom's weekly video for children.



During December, we encourage you to set aside a few minutes for family devotions.
Daily Devotions for December.

Here are some Advent activities for parents and children:

November 29 (Advent week 1) activity: A Stable

December 6 (Advent week 2) activity: Mary

December 13 (Advent week 3) activity: Joseph

December 20 (Advent week 4) activity: Baby Jesus


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