A Mission Moment

Mission of the Month: Support of Pastor Jude

This month, we are raising funds to support the work of Pastor Jude Augusma.

Pastor Jude was born in Haiti. As a young adult, he joined a small fellowship in Fontaine which met in a single-room shed. This group founded a Christian school and church. Their work was expanded to his home town of Pignon with the help of visiting missionaries from Iowa who built the Philadelphia Christian Ministries in Pignon (PCMP).

He writes, "There, God gave me the opportunity to combine my love of discipleship, preaching, and teaching to help oversee the ministry for several years. I devoted my life to the calling God placed on my heart: To spread the gospel to the world, starting in my very own community."

After several years, he immigrated to the United States and Iowa, but travelled to Haiti when possible to oversee the school, disciple the teachers and students, and lead the ministry. Now that his children are grown, he and his wife are returning to Haiti "to minister to the local community, lead mission trips, and oversee the school's growth." "I hope to not only encourage the staff and students to continue seeking God, but also to keep them and other stakeholders accountable to their endeavors and staying on track with their goals, like graduating high school."

Our church has committed to providing $150 each month to Pastor Jude. Additional funds raised by this Mission of the Month will help support this ministry.

Pastor Jude Augusma

Pastor Jude Augusma