Van Meter United Methodist Church

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2018-2019 Sunday School Classes

This new school year promises to be one filled with learning, fellowship and fun! You're invited to join us in one of the following classes or groups. Regular classes for adults start September 9th. Special activities are planned for children and youth on the 9th at our fall Sunday School Kickoff. Regular Sunday School classes begin on the 16th. We will be using the Deep Blue curriculum.

Nursery: JoAnne Keltner is our nursery staff person and she will be doing Bible-related learning activities for toddlers and young twos during the Sunday School hour. Care is provided from 9:30 - 10:30 for infants through 2 year olds and during worship service for infants through 5 year olds.

Preschool and Kindergarten: This class is for children age 3 - attending kindergarten this year. It includes interactive Bible based activities that allow young kids to move, explore, and play. Jess Jaspers and Whitney Peyton are the teachers for this class.

Elementary: There will be separated classes for grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. This will allow for more age-appropriate discussions and activities without the older children getting bored or the information "going over the heads" of the younger kids. Dan & Juli Redmond and Kate McCombs will teach the 1-2 class. Wes Strong and Matt Steinfeldt will teach the 3-4 class. Mindy Doggett will teach the 5-6 class.

3rd Grade Bible Class: Our 3rd graders receive the Word of God through their first Bible on Bible Sunday in September. For approximately 6 weeks thereafter, the third graders, one of their parents or grandparents, and Stacy Peterson learn more about their new Bibles and how to use them in this special class.

Middle & High School: Grades 7-12. This class focuses on relating the Bible to issues in their lives, how their church family can be a support to them, and living their faith. They will see many connections between the instruction and their own lives. Leslie Herman, Miranda Steinfeldt, and Heidi Myers will teach this class.

Parenting Group: Any age adult wanting to discuss parenting issues and to be a support to other parents. This group will be discussing similar topics to what the children and youth are learning and how as parents we can pass our faith on to our children. Kari Strong is group leader.

Adult Discussion Group: This group discusses a variety of Bible topics. Discussion for this class will be led by a variety of people. Everyone is welcome!

~Stacy Peterson, Christian Education Director

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