Chancel Choir and Praise Team

Join us this Choir Season!

PHYSICAL QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must be able to carry light musical notes part way across the church.

EXPERIENCE: Applicants must have sung, hummed, or whistled in the tub or shower at some time.

BEGINNING WAGES: Guaranteed satisfaction and joy in the Lord's service.

ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Members who demonstrate unusual ability and courage might be asked to sing a solo at some time.

FRINGE BENEFITS: Social security included. We promise you the security of fellowship with other fine members of the choir.

HOURS: An hour or so of rehearsal Wednesday evenings and one hour on Sundays.


Chancel Choir sings praise during our worship service.

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir rehearses and performs almost every week, but takes off during the summer.

Praise Team singers Praise Team musicians

Praise Team

Praise Team (singers with a Praise Band) rehearses and performs once a month.

Choir sings at Easter

Choir director Mike also plays organ for us; Mel accompanies on piano.