Worship Matters

September 27: Sabbath
Isaiah 58:13-14
There are so many reasons why anxiety levels are raising all around and within us. So much information, conflict, concern, wonder, worry, and disconnection from each other has us questioning just about every decision we make. Scripture informs us of this very human nature and condition over and over again. It also informs us of what we should do when things feel this way... pause and be with God.

New Series: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Almost all of us probably have that theme song running through our minds right now. It is more than just a catchy hangover from our childhood; it is an important message and reminder. It is not meant only for children of a certain age either, but for all of the beloved children of God.

Mr. Rogers was echoing Jesus' own answer to the question "what is the greatest commandment?".

"Love your God with all of your heart, mind, and strength… and love your neighbor as you love yourself".

As fall quickly approaches these strange times we are in have a potential to get much stranger. Many things lay ahead with potential for divisions and disconnections to grow deeper and further apart... OR they have the very real potential to unite and connect on a level like never before. God does a pretty good job of showing us which way He hopes for.

God also does a pretty good job of revealing to us the plan He has for us to follow to get there. Join us as we take a look at those hopes and practical ways we can live into them together. Won't you be my neighbor?

October 4: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Matthew 22:34-40
Series Kickoff and introduction to the book "The Art of Neighboring". We begin to take a look at what and how it looks like to take Jesus literally in His answer to the Pharisees.

October 11: Since We're Together, We Might As Well Say
Luke 10:25-37
"Who is my neighbor?" is a common question that is regularly answered in memes, posters, and commentaries in plain, and sometimes sarcastic, words and ways. As we look at the story of the Good Samaritan together this week, we may have a clearer view of who God is calling each of us to encounter.

October 18: Greatest Investment
Mark 14:3-9
Home ownership is the greatest expenditure most people will make in their lives. Mortgage, taxes, HOA dues, maintenance, and improvements all add up to the cost of being in a neighborhood. Whether you rent or own, it costs a LOT to be a neighbor! This week join us as we look at how God provides us opportunities to turn our greatest expense into our greatest investment.

October 25: Like a Good Neighbor
John 13:3-20
Why is it so difficult for us to ask for or accept help? So often we genuinely desire and offer to help so many others but when help is offered our way our normal response is "thank you, but you don’t have to...". Join us as we take a look at how Jesus himself reminds us that good neighbors receive as well as give.

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