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Building a New You

This is not about making New Year's resolutions or restarting with a clean slate. It is about the very real daily practices that will transform your mind, body, relationships, and future far beyond all of that "best you" hype sold to us every day. Join us and see how God is building a NEW you.

December 29: "Devoted Heart"
Any athlete will tell you that cardio has to be at the core of training. If we get our hearts in the right condition, we'll have more than enough gas in the tank for the roads ahead.

January 5: "Ready Mind"
Our mental muscle is often the one we let atrophy the most. We live in the most amazing time in all of human history! We have accessibility to the entirety of human knowledge, quite literally at our fingertips. We can share ideas and experiences with each other further and faster than ever before. Are we using this amazing gift for its real purpose or just...?

January 12: "Intentionally Reaching"
It's all about relationships. Intentional and key relationships. How does having the right people in the right areas of your life matter? Some would say it is one of the main components to building a NEW you.

January 19: "Vision for the Future"
How we see the world changes how the future unfolds. A new perspective makes a new future more than a wish, daydream, or hope. This is where it becomes goals and possibilities.

January 26: "Exercise & Eating"
Calories in, calories out. It sounds so simple and easy, but why is it so hard to do? Who really has the time to stick to a diet or workout routine? Believe it or not, you do. Our input does affect our output and vice versa regardless of age or life stage. This isn't about fad diets or gym memberships; it is about stewardship for the greatest gift we've each been given.

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