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Worship Matters


October 6: "Gifted" -- World Communion Sunday
Exodus 35:4-23, 36:4-7. We are a group of extremely gifted individuals! Daily life has a way of fooling us into thinking otherwise and forgetting the real value we hold. This isn’t anything new or a “sign of the times.” Join us this week as we begin to explore how God has always given so abundantly so that we reveal the truth to ourselves and the world.

October 13: "Gather"
Ephesians 2:11-22. We are made to be in community; it is just in our DNA. Unfortunately, it seems there are so many things and topics that divide us further and further away from one another. Join us this week as we look at the amazing power simply gathering together regularly gives us as individuals and a community.

October 20: "Grow" -- Casual Sunday
Galatians 5:13-6:5. Everyone wants to be their “best me.” It’s why we work out, look for life hacks on social media and in podcasts, compare ourselves to others, take on more than we should, and beat ourselves and others up for falling short. Join us this week as we look at how we are called to grow as individuals and a community that do the most good.

October 27: "Go!" -- Commitment Card Sunday
John 17:6-26. The best gifts ever given always seem to be the ones we find most useful. That is especially true with these gifts God so freely gives us. They are not to be hoarded or placed on a shelf to be admired… they are meant to be used! Join us this week as we explore how God is calling us to go into the world and use our gifts so that others might know their own.


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