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Back to School Challenges

We are all gearing up as summer winds down. Summer freedoms and fun are transitioning to routines and hard work. No matter what age or grade, every Back to School season is full of challenges. Thankfully, we have all of the guidance and support we need to take them on as they arise.

August 4 - "Words Matter"
Matthew 5:33-37
The words we use, how we use them, and the purpose behind them all matter. As we prepare to head "back to school", it is a great reminder that we may need to "refresh" our vocabularies.

August 11 - "Playground Rules"
Matthew 5:38-48
The playground has always been one of the BEST classrooms in school! It is where we really learn and put into practice how we act toward one another.

August 18 - "Dress Code"
Matthew 6:28-34
Clothes, shoes, even the backpack... these all really seem to matter more and more each year. So much that it can even effect a child's learning!
**Blessing of the Backpacks**

August 25 - "Pass/Fail"
Matthew 7:7-29
School has a purpose way beyond letters on a report card. How are those grades calculated? By whom? Why?


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