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We are meeting in person each Sunday at 10:45AM. Every other pew is blocked off and social distancing is encouraged. We would appreciate it if everyone wear masks until seated in the pews.

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September 5: Grace
It's all about Prevenient Grace! We love, because God first loved us. The Law and the plumb line that is given to us before we are born brings gifts as we begin our life. It is the love that comes before we can respond to God's Goodness. Before we are even conceived, God provides a safety net before we need it.
1 John 4:7-21 This well know pericope grounds us in love that come first for all creation.
Matthew 5:43-48

September 12: Who hasn't had Convicting Grace?
Discipline/Discipleship can help us understand what has been helpful and leads to a more loving and meaningful existence.
Romans 5:1-11; This 'no pain, no gain' verse from scripture is sometimes hard to swallow, but it reminds us that we gain moral authority with real experiences that we go through in our lives.

September 19: Faith Is a Verb. YES! Justifying Grace and Gratitude at the Depth of your Being
Our responses to grace are the works and spiritual generosity that are the fruits of the depth of our faith.
Galatians 2:16-21 justified by faith in Christ;
Ephesians 2:8-10 By grace you have been saved;
James 2:14-26 Faith without works is dead.
These scriptures appear to conflict with each other. Their full understanding is beyond us, but by God's Grace, we may be granted a wordless sense of how they may be reconciled. This can be a singular emotional experience with an amazing affirmation from God, or can occur gradually over time with whispers of joy.

September 26 Sanctifying Grace and Christian Perfection
Grace upon Grace upon Grace!
John 1:1-16 Grace never stops! We continue to grow in our faith for our whole lives.
Philippians 3:12 John Wesley believed it was possible to obtain Christian Perfection in this lifetime. He thought it was the living out of the Greatest Commandment in full over time. We all have our moments, but they are often shortlived until we become purposeful in our spiritual formation.

Check out the Bulletin Board in the narthex of the church for ways you can connect in your Journey of Faith. It will show our current plumb line for our Discipleship Pathway and how these stages of faith through grace are lived and celebrated through these different faith markers in our church. Stages of faith are often show with pictures or stories of living water that is the greatest source of life.

Try drawing out your spiritual journey on a piece of paper. The left axis could be your level of faith, trust, and capacity to love and the bottom axis could be time through events and dates in your life. It might look something like this (right). It is never just a straight line.

Journey of Faith is a winding path from grace to church to love to a brick wall to troubles, sometimes winding back on itself, but finally to the top of a mountain.
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