Worship Matters

Grow In Grace

Join us as we gather together to look at the gift of God's Grace and our call to grow in it. John Wesley's vision and understanding of these is the foundation of our United Methodist theology, doctrine, and polity... in other words, it is who we are!

Sunday Sermons

July 12: Prevenient Grace - Romans 5:12-21
Grace shows up in all kinds of ways and places. These are the things God is using to invite us into a deeper understanding and time of growth. As John Wesley calls it, "the front porch" or the grace that comes before us.

July 19: Justifying Grace - Ephesians 2:1-10
Something happens when we walk up to that "front door" Wesley uses to describe this stage. Our response to those moments and Means of Grace begins a whole new journey and growth in relationship.

July 26: Sanctifying Grace - Ephesians 2:11-22
Transformation doesn't just happen magically overnight, it takes time and work. This stage is where we not only encounter transformation in our lives and our world, but in our perspectives and relationships,

August 2: Perfecting Grace - Romans 12:1-21
Yes, that is the word "perfect" you see in the word for this week. John Wesley and other Methodists not only believe that a person could "attain perfection in this mortal life", but have encountered people they believe have attained it. Sounds like an unattainable proposition, let alone goal or reality, to so many that we hardly bring the idea up anymore. Is it beyond us or are we selling ourselves and our God short by thinking so?

Pastor's Message