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We have all kinds of relationships for what seem to be all kinds of reasons. REALationships begin when we realize that God is an active part of them. We know that we are called to Connect with each other for the transformation of the world, but the reality is that seems complicated and uncomfortable. Many of us have no idea what that means or even how/where to begin. Join us as we explore exactly that, beginning with our closest and most meaningful relationships.

February 2: "Triangle"
Ecclesiastes 4:7-12
Relationships are always more than just between two people. We are always connected to each other and God. As we grow closer to Him we begin to see how we grow closer to one another. We invite you to join us as we take a look at how amazing this "love triangle" can be!

February 9: "Point of Love"
1 Corinthians 13
In healthy REALationships we realize that we are still very much individuals. Usually we realize that in the ways that we are different from one another... the ways that can seem to cause us to drift apart or argue. Join us this week as we see how wisdom and love encourage us to grow together in those differences.

February 16: "ABCs"
John 2:1-12
There are so many accomplishments, milestones, and memories to celebrate in our REALationships! It's amazing how easily we can forget the good times, let alone keep in mind that even more lie ahead. Join us this week as we see how Jesus calls us to celebrate all that our REALationships have done, but to not forget that the best might just be yet to come!

February 26: "Made for Each Other"
James 1:19-25
Every REALationship exists for a purpose. We have been connected to each other to show God's love here on earth. Quite simply put, we Connect so that we might Respond. Join us this week as we wrap up our series by discovering our purpose and call together!

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