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Pastor Thom Bryant

Connecting - March 2021


A Messy Spring

It won't be long now whenthe green of spring will again become the dominate color of our landscape. The days getting longer and temperatures rising more consistently will enable us to witness the new life all around us. Sprouts, fawns, squirrel pups, and those fair-weather birds of color will all make their debuts. Memories of the extreme cold will melt away as plans and hopes build for sunny days ahead. Spring is such an uplifting season for so many of us in so many different ways.

It is also the time of year that can get the messiest. The thaw and rains enable all of this new life... along with a lot of mud. There will be reminding children of all ages everywhere to wipe their feet or even just leave their shoes at the door. The two-tone on our vehicles will change from a lower half of white to beige. More and more laundry will need a few pumps of stain remover added. It gets VERY messy. If you go out in it, that is. It is possible to stay on paved roads and paths. To watch the new life blossom from a climate-controlled home.

That also would mean missing quite a bit of the miracles this season has to abundantly offer. I know we have all become more accustomed to being inside, to walking the paved paths, Googling experiences and answers, and easily avoiding the messiness of the natural world. I know that many have little interest in discovering what could be worth getting muddy for.

Ask any child. They are the ones who get the muddiest this time of year. They are also the happiest of us this time of year. Mud and mess are almost always accompanied by laughter and amazement.

Remember how Jesus said we should come to Him?

I think that includes mud and mess. We are walking this Lenten path, but it is not a paved trail. There are plenty of opportunities for us to get muddy and messy. To experience joy and amazement. To pause and play. To explore what miracles God has placed all around us in this particular springtime. To get a nice layer of mud on our boots... together.

I pray that as we continue up this path to Easter, we remember that. Muddy and messy or not, we are on the right and same path because we are on it together. As we take each step and breath may we remember that the best of it is... God is with us!

Pastor Thom