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Pastor Thom Bryant

Connecting - May 2021



May is always a time of transitions. We begin moving from any threats of overnight frost to using the term heat index. The daylight stays a little longer and nighttime grows shorter. Students and teachers begin to see and feel the first freedoms of summer. Birds of all types and colors return to the area and rejoin the trees in their freshly greened limbs. The young mammals begin the rapid development into adolescence and first explorations away from the safety of their mothers.

It is a month of very rapid change. It is also a month of very rapid growth.

There is a lot of change in the air already as we just begin this month. Changes and growth are rapidly taking place all around us. Places and events are beginning to open up with fewer and fewer restrictions, travel plans and reunions that have been put on hold are taking place, and this pastor and his family are preparing for a move to Bloomfield, Iowa.

This move is a pretty big change and sign of growth for all of us in the Bryant family. A move that simply wouldn’t have been something we'd have felt comfortable with just over a year ago. This might be a month of massive changes and transitions every year, but this is a big one for us. We have new schools, roads, stores, schedules, and relationships ahead; it can get overwhelming in moments just thinking about it. Add in that we are leaving all of those that have become so familiar and beloved over the last 15 years here in Central Iowa and it could easily become scary.


That's the operative word in this: could. Could means possible. It is possible that we could be packing up and changing everything only to find ourselves miserable and homesick. It seems like such a natural reaction to focus on possible negatives and justify resisting change, but if you look around in nature during this month, you'll clearly see how unnatural that is. As a matter of fact, you'll notice how natural it is to embrace change. The trees reach, the birds sing, and the fish swim for change. In nature, change means life. We beloved humans are part of nature. We forget that.

Our ability to manipulate our environments means that we no longer have to experience many changes. We are largely not subject to many factors that force constant change in nature. Factors that are usually adverse and unpleasant like weather cycles, predators, famine, and disease. We largely associate change with disastrous experiences and forget how much growth usually awaits the other side.

We forget that our God is the God of Change. We forget that while our God is ever constant and unchanging, the universe is constantly changing. That same universe that our God breathed into existence and includes you as part of it. The same universe that many believe is constantly expanding... or growing. Change equals growth. Not always in ways that we want, like, can predict, set metrics to, or even begin to explain, but it always equals growth in some way. Maybe that’s the part that is so scary... it is not something we can always control, and we all want to have some sense of control in our lives.

I'll let you in on something I've learned over some significant changes in our family and friends' life experiences over the years... those changes that happen in life when we have little control are the ones that bring the largest growth, and those times where we scrape and scrape for control usually bring the most chaos. When we let go and let God take it all, the greatest good, not just growth, ALWAYS takes place. Just watch nature throughout this gorgeous month ahead. I pray you will see and know, in all ways and all days, that the best of it is... God is with us!