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Pastor Linda

Connecting - July 2018



From the outside, it may appear that the church is a quiet, unchanging pillar in the community -- always there, always available, always serving. However, from the inside our church is never more active than during the summer months, which shifted into in high gear mid-June, when we hosted the funeral service for Myrene England.

We planned the service for a Tuesday, thinking our 50+ Kids Care children would be swimming in the afternoon, which freed up the fellowship hall for the funeral lunch. Then, it rained! No pool, lots of kids, but, wait, the Baptist church opened their doors to us and the pool bus driver transported the kids there. Huge thanks to Beth, her staff, and our Kids Care kids for your flexibility allowing us to provide hospitality to the England family.

Then, the servants of the Lord appeared on cue. Soloists rehearsed. The sound system was checked. The kitchen crew set up tables, made lunch, served beverages, washed dishes, and reset the room so our Kids Care children could return. Behind the scenes, the Hoppes family cleaned before and after the service. Thanks to all for your help.

June is also vacation Bible School when our quiet church (lol) is filled with kids and activities. This endeavor, to share Jesus with children who may otherwise never hear the story, requires another legion of servants, including: child shepherds, story tellers, song leaders, game organizers, craft/science developers, snack servers, ... and the Hoppes family cleaning up afterward. Many thanks to Stacy Peterson and all of you who have made the church real and visible to our community children.

I am reminded of the newer hymn:
I am the church,
you are the church,
we are the church together.
God loves you, and so do I.

Pastor Linda.