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Pastor Thom Bryant

Connecting - October 2019: Gifted



The month of October is an exciting and anxious time for me. The days are getting drastically shorter and cooler. The leaves begin to reveal their incredible spectrum of true colors, the crops stand waiting for their fruit to be harvested, and the wildlife around us begin preparing for the winter ahead. We are so undeniably surrounded by change that it's in the air. Just ask anyone with watery eyes or a stuffy nose if things seem different right now.

Over the last couple of months here at church, we have been talking about how God has called us as individuals and a community to show God's love to the world. It's been so much fun to meet and talk with so many excited individuals who are eager to do something to make a real difference and connect in real ways. We are revealing our incredible spectrum of colors, standing as fruit waiting to be harvested, and even preparing for the changes that winter creates in our lives ahead. It is undeniable that change is in the air. It is also undeniable that we are extremely gifted.

You, yes you, the one reading these words right now, have so much that is just waiting to be used. You have so much because you, yes YOU, have been lavishly gifted. You have that very special something that only you can offer to transform this world and give God glory. You have that thing that is needed right now to change or save a life. This isn't your pastor writing some encouraging words to make you smile either... this is more of a challenge.

It is no real secret that October is "Stewardship Month" in churches all over the country, but this isn't just about what's in your wallet to me. It's about best using all we have been given to do the most good whenever, wherever, however, and with whomever we are called. Coming up with a "tithe amount" is an important spiritual discipline to have, but what if we looked beyond our finances?

That's why this year I want us to really pray as individuals how we might do what we are called to do as a body. As we pray, I want us to reflect on how gifted we are in all areas of our lives. How our individual prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness can be used by God for us to gather, grow, and go together. You'll be receiving a tool shortly to help guide us as individuals to that goal.

My favorite thing to witness in the world is someone realizing and living out their true gifts for the purpose that they have been given them. There is nothing more amazing than seeing God at work through others. The way God harvests really does make even this gorgeous time of year pale in comparison. All it takes is a few people to gather together, grow as individuals and a community, and go into the world knowing that ... the best of it is… God is with us! Amen?