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Pastor Thom Bryant

Connecting - August 2019



I have to be honest for a minute and tell you that my favorite time of the whole year isn't Christmas or even Easter... it's August! August isn't just a month to me; it's almost like a season. It can have some of the hottest days, but the weather isn't the only thing about it that I love.

First of all, my birthday is in August and I do like turning another year older still. It is also my daughter's birthday! She was actually supposed to be born on my birthday, but she had other plans.... That's another article. I have quite a few friends with August birthdays too, but there's still more to it.

The State Fair takes place in August and we try to get there every year. All of the food, music, people, animals, and allergies going off make it an unmissable event! There is just this strange need to people-watch as they get scared by plastic spiders, see a giant animal, or discover the latest food speared on a stick.

School starting in August is always bittersweet. My wife is a teacher, so there is always nervous and excited energy in our home this month. This year will have a little extra with Aislin beginning kindergarten and BOTH of them in a whole new school system. Come to think of it, this seems like a good time to request some prayer for them and for all the other teachers and students heading to school soon.

I also love how things begin to turn this time of year. It is the start of harvest! Most of our gardens and trees have really begun to fruit and ripen by August. Picking those cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, peppers, etc. is always so satisfying. Even the food in the stores and farmer's markets seems to be at its peak.

It's just such a full and fun month. The funny thing about it is that each year I forget just how much I love it and how I get excited about it until it is almost here. Where does that happen in your life? Do you forget how exciting, fun, and important something really is until it's right there?

Truth is I love August so much because it has so many things that remind me of God's love. My life, my daughter's life, so many friends, my wife and her vocation, literal fruit on the vine, and the huge state fair that originated as a celebration of that fruit. It's ALL God stuff! We all get pretty forgetful about how much God is in our life until something pops up to remind us. I hope August does that for you as well this year, that it reminds you that the best of it is... God is with us!