A Mission Moment

Adel Food Pantry, Caretaker Projects, Student Kits

For our August mission projects, we will be focusing on our role as caretakers of Earth, as God calls us to be.

Trindle Park Stewardship

We will be scheduling a group outing to Trindle Park to clear invasive species and learn about park stewardship. Bob Myers from Dallas County Conservation will be our guide. He will teach us about the importance of understanding what trees and plants should be growing in this area to maintain a balanced ecosystem and support the lives of the birds, insects, animals, and all other inhabitants of this place. He will help us identify those plant species that are considered invasive that disrupt the growth and health of the area, and will show us how to properly remove them.

Birdhouse Project

Every other Friday morning this summer, Van Meter Middle School teacher Kim Schreck gets together with a group of students and does nature-based service projects. They are learning about invasive species and Iowa's native prairie. With the help of Dallas County naturalists and the shop team at VM high school, they plan to build some bird boxes for the surrounding rural area. We are collecting money to give them a donation for supplies.

children in the woods under (and on) a huge tree
This is for the birds.

Student Kits
(formerly called "school kits")

Missions is collecting materials for Ingathering student school kits. The kits will go to underprivileged children in the US and in support of humanitarian aid missions in Latin America and Africa. A student kit may be a child's primary educational resource. Learn more here.

School supplies will soon be on sale. Please consider filling a student kit for Missions. The list of materials for each student kit is very specific, so please use the list below when shopping. (Find a printable copy here.)

Place all items in the cloth bag (available at the church) or in a plastic grocery bag.

3 single-subject notebooks, spiral, 8" x10½"
1 pencil eraser 2" or larger
1 pair of student scissors (round tip)
1 pencil sharpener
1 ruler 12" long with metric
1 box of 12 colored pencils
1 box of 24 crayons
6 unsharpened pencils (please, no advertising)

simiple drawing of school supplies:  ruler, crayons, pencil, scissors, glue

Adel (Good Samaritan) Food Pantry.
This month's personal item is conditioner.
Good Samaritan Food Pantry 
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