Trunk or Treat Fall Celebration

Trunk or Treat is held on Beggars' Night (October 30 or 31) at the Van Meter UMC Parking Lot from 6-8 PM.

Registration and volunteer information will be made available each October.

Here are some scenes from our most recent Trunk or Treat:

welcome to trunk or treat
Welcome Wagon

candy man

furry beast
furry beast

trunk with jack o lanterns
lighting the way to treats

Ididerod trunk
Alaskan Halloween

Magical night trunk with treats
candy from Hogwarts

Daniel in the Lion's Den
Will you be safe in the lion's den?

a sweet web
web of treats

Owl you need is Jesus
"Owl" you need is Jesus

Jesus is the sweetest name
Candyman's trunk

trunk of treats
Power Ranger

cute baby in costume
bear-ly visible in costume

donut crewfrying donutswe've got the dough
Behind the scenes with our hard-working donut crew