In-Person Worship Suspended

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the profound pressures on our healthcare system and frontline workers, and out of love for our neighbor, we will continue our suspension of in-person worship and church activities. Online worship is available each Sunday by 9 AM. Click here to find links to our online worship services.

Click here to find links to related at-home activities and studies.

We encourage you to join us for online fellowship via Zoom on Sundays at 10 AM and noon
Contact the church office (515) 996-2572, or Pastor Thom (515) 779-5707 for information on how to connect with us.

In-person worship services have been suspended, but we're still online.

Pastor Thom

from Pastor Thom...


We have said so long, farewell, and goodbye to a year that from now on will be used to describe things turning upside-down or going sideways, instead of having clear and balanced vision.

Our series for January is all about The Kingdom. A lot took place last year that revealed the Kingdom of God and the struggles of this world. Our King, Jesus, was just born to provide all that is needed for both.

Click here to read Pastor Thom's Monthly Message.

We are posting sermons and video announcements online; click here to find them.Our regular announcements are in The Grapevine, here.

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The Van Meter United Methodist Church
is a community
in the service of Christ

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Call us at: (515) 996-2572

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Sunday Worship Online

Because of the surge in COVID cases, we have discontinued the in-person part of our worship services.

Pastor Thom's sermons are always available online. Click here for links to his latest sermons. Sunday's video is available by 9AM.
We have online fellowship gatherings Sundays at 10 AM and noon. Contact Thom or the church office for connection info.

is available via Zoom during fellowship time before and after our service the first Sunday of each month. Contact the church office or Pastor Thom to find out how to connect.

New Bible Study Group

Come and See. This Sunday, January 24, at 6:00 PM, we will take a look at Disciple Bible study. This will be an overview of the study, which will begin the following Sunday.
Join us via Zoom.
Meeting: 871 5349 7768
Pass: 182909

Reaching out to our community and to each other.




Communion bread and cup



Disciple:  Becoming disciples through Bible study

Kids Care Enrollment for Pre-K-Age Children (Fall 2021)

Kids Care offers morning care for pre-schoolers enrolled in afternoon kindergarten. We are now accepting applications for fall 2021 enrollment in our program for those children who will be attending the afternoon session of preschool at Van Meter Elementary. Click here for the application.

Kids Care Summer Enrollment

It's time to sign up for summer at Kids Care. Enrollment forms are here.

Kids Care Fall Enrollment

Families with children currently enrolled in Kids Care may sign up now for fall 2021. Open enrollment for new families will begin in March.

Kids Care logo




January Mission of the Month:
Support of Pastor Jude

We are raising funds to support Pastor Jude's ministry in Haiti. Learn more here.

Exercise Your Faith

Our exercise group cannot meet in person, but we still support each other in our efforts to take care of ourselves. The church office can put you in touch. Here are some helpful tips from Marilyn.

Missions logo of cross and globe

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At-Home Activities & Studies

Our Christian Education Director, Stacy Peterson, has put together a collection of activities and resources for home studies which tie in with the subjects of our services. Click here to reach our Home Studies page.

Small Groups

We have Bible study and prayer groups meeting each week. Contact the church office or Pastor Thom if you would like to join or drop in on one of them.

* Sharing, Prayer, & Fellowship
Tuesday and Thursday at noon
study and prayer group

* Dinner and Devotions
Wednesday and Friday
6:00 PM

Grab something to eat or drink and join us for a little prayer, a little conversation about this week's scripture, and a little getting to know each other.

Church from Home


Bible Studies; explore God's word with us.

Youth Group Meeting

Youth in grades 6-12 are welcome in our youth group. You do not need to be a member of the Van Meter UMC to participate in our meetings, activities, or service projects. Our next online meeting is Wednesday, January 27. Learn more about our group here.

Wearing the Mask

Should you wear a mask in public? Our Bishop says YES, wearing a mask is a sign of Christian love and care. Click here to read more.

Youth Group


non-medical mask


Help in Our Community

We have a bread ministry in cooperation with Panera Bread company. We need help picking up packages from Panera and bringing them to the church. Sign up by clicking on this link. Details are here.

If you need assistance, or you know of someone who does, here are some resources. Please do reach out to us so that we might find the best next help. We are apart, but never alone.

Assistance Helpline A Van Meter helpline for grocery, medications, and other assistance has been established. If you live in this area and need help with deliveries of essentials or can help with delivering essentials, please call or text (515) 210-8282.

Adel Food Pantry Support The Pantry is in need of paper goods, case quantities of food items (no single food items at this time please), financial assistance, and volunteers.

Click here to visit the Food Pantry site for financial donation and volunteer information.


serving others

Adel Food Pantry needs donations

Note from Our Treasurer

Thank you for continuing to financially and prayerfully support the staff and ministries of our church.

All gifts are needed and greatly appreciated. Giving can be done via the Bill Pay function offered by your bank or credit union, or by mailing us a check. Checks can be mailed to:

Van Meter UMC
P.O. Box 149
Van Meter, IA 50261


UMC logo - Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

The Van Meter Church is part of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church.


Plan from Iowa Annual Conference

Three simple rules: Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God.

Click here to read the Iowa Annual Conference Crisis Response Re-Entry Plan.


Letters from Bishop Laurie

Click here to read a statement on recent events at the Capitol.

Click here to read "To Mask or Not to Mask", a discussion of common objections to face masks and the case for wearing them.

Click here to read a letter on racism from Bishop Laurie.

Since protests against police brutality and violence triggered by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, United Methodist bishops and other denominational and ecumenical leaders have been speaking out. Here is a sample of some of their statements.

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