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Have you ever wondered how Jesus can be fully human and fully Divine God at the same time? The mystery of God made flesh, which we celebrate each Christmas season, is mind-boggling.

The Christian theologian H. Richard Niebuhr once described God coming in human flesh as corresponding to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. Jesus is a Rosetta Stone of sorts. Because Jesus came to us in human flesh, we are able to interpret the ways of God more fully. Without Jesus, we may find God incomprehensible, but with Jesus, God becomes clearer to us.

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A community
in the service of Christ

The Van Meter United Methodist Church
is a friendly small-town church
with lots of activities.
We would love to have you
drop in for a visit.

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Call us at: (515) 996-2572

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January 25 (Friday)
5th Quarter (Youth Outing):

Youth Group will be attending 5th Quarter, a post-game celebration open to all in grades 6-12, not just athletes or church youth. It is sponsored by the Van Meter Huddle, which is the school's chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. There will be games, music, a guest speaker and free food. Read this week's Grapevine for more details.

Celebrate in the 5th Quarter after the basketball game

February 6, 20 (Wednesdays):
Youth Group - 6:30 PM

Youth grades 7-12 are encouraged to join together here at the church for a time of thoughtful discussion, fellowship, service, and fun. Heidi Myers and Hayley Carlson are leading the group this year with help from Holly Adams and Pastor Linda.

Meetings are generally held the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 6:30 PM.

Youth Group meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30  PM.

Every Monday, 2:00 PM:
Better Health: Exercise Your Faith

Are you making New Year’s resolutions? Will they last past January? Instead of making a resolution, so easily broken, make a life-style change that will benefit the rest of your life.

The Exercise Your Faith group meets each week for a half hour of light aerobic exercise followed by discussions on living and eating healthy.

Drop in and try us out. Learn more here.

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Thank You, Thank You

A hale and hearty thank you to all those who filled our December with such happy memories.

Thanks to the cooks, the singers and musicians, the elves, the actors and readers, the liturgists, the generous donors, and all the other helpers.

We are full of gratitude toward the organizers and directors: Lisa, Suzy, Heidi, Stacy, Christy, Geri, Mike, Mel, Connie, other Connie, and Don.

Particular thanks to our friends at the Booneville UMC and the Van Meter Baptist Church for joining in some of our activites, and to community members who came and shared their Christmas with us.

Children's Christmas ProgramSoups and Fellowship

Kids Shopping Day signChristmas Cantata

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The Van Meter Church is part of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church.


Discussion Groups:
Adult Discussion Group and
Parent Discussion Group meet Sundays at 9:30 AM.

Sunday Church School:
9:30 AM

Sunday Worship Service:
10:45 AM

Youth Group:
Youth Group meetings are held the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 6:30 - 8:00 PM.

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